Experienced Staff


Trio Supply may be a small company, but we take full advantage of big company technology to streamline our operations. Our sophisticated computer systems help us track inventory and stay on top of all key operations. We also use our technical capabilities to produce reports for   our customers.

Dedicated & Loyal Staff

At Trio Supply, our knowledgeable employee team is our most valuable company asset. Our people are highly motivated professionals, and we enjoy very low staff turnover. Every one of dedicated to keeping our customers happy. We are thoroughly informed on our products, and take pride in making sure you get the right product to suit your need and budget.


As an independent company, Trio Supply is unburdened by layers of management. All of us are empowered to take quick action and make on-the-spot decisions on behalf of our customers. We follow through and follow-up to be sure you are totally satisfied with every aspect of your dealings with us. Every department in our company is customer driven to assure your satisfaction. Our “hands-on” approach gives us immediate feedback on your requirements and helps us continually improve our products and services for you.


At Trio, we offer not only great products and service, but also very attractive prices. Efficient operations and our simple corporate structure help us maintain low overhead, a contributing fact keeping our prices down. Plus, it’s our policy to pass on price decreases to our customers. It has always been our philosophy to treat our employees and our customers right, a tradition that we believe contributes to our continued success.